It is a fact that one in three adults in India have hypertension. According to an estimate, the incidents of hypertension in urban areas are 20-40 percent while in rural areas, they are estimated at 12- 17 percent. If you or someone you know has hypertension or is at risk of it then visiting Dr. Mathan’s Medical Center is the right choice.

Our Approach

If you have or suspect that you might have hypertension, get in touch with the expert at Dr. Mathan’s Medical Center. Dr. Mathan will suggest some lifestyle changes and/or some medications to control the problem. If hypertension is not controlled in a timely manner, it can lead to serious complications like damage to kidneys, eyes, heart attack or even heart failure.
They will also try different medications or different combinations of medications until a suitable solution is found.

If you are also stressed too often and you want to avoid hypertension then do consult the experts of Dr. Mathan’s Medical Center. They will suggest some simple lifestyle changes that can be implemented right away.

Some of the suggestions that help reduce stress and all types of hypertension are:

  •       Reduce your expectations
  •       Manage time in a better manner
  •       Say no to things that bring you to stress, like office deadlines
  •       Don’t worry about things you can’t control
  •       Make plans to solve problems you can control and which are giving you stress
  •       Relax regularly and practice meditation if possible
  •       Know your stress triggers like driving in traffic and avoid them by devising solutions like leaving home an hour earlier
  •       Develop nurturing relationships with people who can support and calm you when you are stressed
  •       Eat healthy foods and exercise regularly
  •       Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption
  •       Be thankful for what you have and do things that make you happy

Our hypertension specialist will guide you with the utmost care while determining the most relevant treatment as per your condition and ensure you are healthy.

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